Morgan Fox

As a household name in world cycling in the late 1990's and early 2000's, Morgan Fox is one of a very select few Irish riders to have made it to the top tier of professional cycling. In fact, when he signed with Tonissteiner-Colnago in 1999 he became the first Irish rider to sign professional papers in the post Kelly/Roche era; thus ending nearly a decade long drought of Irish riders in the top tiers of the sport.

Morgan is an ex Elite road race national champion with countless wins, placings and Irish international appearances. He has competed in most of the significant world tour one day and stage races on the calendar, taking him all over the world from the fields of Flanders to the mountains of Japan.

His experience is immense and his passion evident to everyone he deals with. Morgan knows instinctively the framework necessary for clients to succeed in cycling: developing proper mindset combined with proper training structure, position and diet; offering athletes a comprehensive means to boost performance and avoid pitfalls such as junk miles, overtraining and injury.

Philip Hayes

Philip has years of experience in racing and competing in triathlon events. He has completed 4 Ironman events in Zurich, Western Australia, Cairns and Melbourne. He has also completed numerous 70.3, sprint and Olympic distance races.

Philip recently returned to Ireland after 4 years living and working in Sydney Australia. During his time in Australia, Philip completed his triathlon coaching qualification and began coaching, mentoring and providing individualised training programmes to athletes.

Philip’s coaching philosophy centres around the athlete ensuring that every training programme is tailored to work around family, work and lifestyle commitments. He firmly believes that in order to achieve the best results athletes should train efficiently, train smart and train hard.

Philip has a proven record in getting results and has empowered athletes to achieve personal bests, to step upon age group podiums across sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman distance races. He has worked with professional triathletes, age group representatives at 70.3 and ITU world championships, an Australian state age group champion and an Australian Olympian who recently took up the sport of triathlon.


Charlie Naughton

Charlie is one of Connect to Perform’s Swim & Triathlon Coaches. After spending his childhood and teens training as a competitive swimmer he qualified as a swim teacher and coach in 1987 and has many years experience teaching both children and adults and coaching competitive swimmers. He is a TI Level 1 Triathlon Coach with a passion for swimming and a particular interest in stroke analysis and correction. He is a strong advocate for quality over quantity when it comes to training believing that athletes should always aspire to become technically excellent. He believes that when the coach and athlete work hard together to achieve this goal a real connection is formed and results follow.

Since 2008 Charlie has been involved with coaching triathletes, taking both group and individual swim sessions and providing multi-discipline individualised training programmes and coaching for athletes. This has provided him with the opportunity to work with all levels and across all distances from Sprint distance up to full Ironman.

Charlie is also an experienced triathlete having competed for over 8 years in Sprint to Ironman distances with podium finishes in the TI National Series down through the years. With several half marathons, middle distance Triathons, a full marathon and a full Ironman under his belt, Charlie is now training for a middle distance event in 2015 with a full distance race on the cards for 2016.

Charlie is based at Athlone Regional Sports Centre where he is the Swim School Coordinator, Teacher & Coach.

David Warby

David is a Swim Coach with Connect to Perform who himself competed and was successful at national level for many years as a competitive swimmer. His love for the openwater stemmed from a childhood spent on Lough Ree growing up only a few hundred metres from the shore. He was introduced to Triathlon in its early days and undertook his first event, a Half Ironman in 1985 where he managed to lead the race for a period after a strong swim and an explosive start to the bike leg! In recent years David has found his niche in Ironman and has raced in Zurich, Mallorca and Barcelona twice where he’s gone sub 56 mins for the swim on every occasion.

David is a qualified Swim Teacher and Coach with over 30 years experience. He has coached at all levels taking local swimmers to International level and working as coach to an Irish Youth team in the past. He has taken fearful swimmers from the beginners section of the pool to complete Ironman distance events in openwater and in 2013 he provided the coaching and training programme for a local swimmer who became the first person ever to swim the length of Lough Ree, a gruelling 32km non-wetsuit swim in 13.5 hours.

David has an ability to provide expert advice on technique and unique training insights which come from a great mix of coaching, training and race experience.

He is based at Athlone Regional Sports Centre where he is a Duty Manager, Teacher & Coach.